Notable Contributions

IBM LEADER Award for Breakthrough Contributions in Shopper Understanding 

This award recognized insights derived from one of the industry's most comprehensive Path to Purchase studies which included custom surveys, video observation (in-store & at-home), ethnography, shop-alongs, eye tracking and electroencephalography (EEG).



Path to Experience expert, industry thought leader and proven “decision breaker” with over 20 years studying Consumer & Shopper behavior with a focus on driving brand and category growth

Conference Chairman, IIR's Shopper Insights in Action/OmniShopper

For 5 years, Phil has been invited to serve as conference chairman and keynote speaker at this industry's marquee event.  Speaking on a diverse range of topics, "Phil consistently brings a unique and refreshing perspective to the practice of Shopper Insights."

White Paper: What Shoppers Really Want (And What Food Retailers Can Do To Deliver)

This groundbreaking white paper -- the synthesis of years of behavioral research -- reveals new insight into  motivations of household meal providers and the complex nature of this role. It also suggests ways food retailers can help meal providers gain satisfaction (in store, in the kitchen and in life) by following 8 meal-oriented merchandising principles.

White Paper: Reaching Your Core Shopper When It Matters Most

Inspired by behavioral and cognitive insights when observing shoppers as they progress through their Path to Experience, this white paper examines biases, heuristics and the influence of context (e.g., location, need state, trip mission, time relative to consumption, etc.) on decision making when shopping for food and beverages in Grocery, Drug, Dollar and Club stores.

Phil McGee began his career in the CPG industry in 1994 with the launch of Private Label Marketing News, a monthly newsletter he founded that covers trends and significant events in the marketing of private brands. That same year, he joined Daymon Associates, the country’s leading private label sales and marketing organization. In 1997, he joined Kmart Corporation where he served as Director, Corporate Brands, and moved through the ranks to become Divisional Vice President, Strategic Marketing. In 2003, he joined the Campbell Soup Company where he lead the company’s efforts in Customer and Shopper Insights. In this capacity, Phil was a pioneer in Shopper understanding for Campbell's with contributions ranging from shelving and packaging upgrades for several of Campbell's iconic brands to breakthrough innovations in Shopper Marketing and Center Store activations. Prior to launching Decision Breakers in 2016, Phil served as President, Global Shopper & Retail, at IPSOS, a global marketing research company.

Revolutionary In-Store Merchandising System

A classic case study of applied behavioral economics, Campbell Soup's "IQ Maximizer" is widely acclaimed as the most innovative merchandising solution in the center store. In addition to revolutionizing the category's shopping experience (from being the 2nd most difficult category to shop to near universal satisfaction), it simultaneously reduced store labor costs and grew category sales. Since its introduction in 2003, Phil has incorporated significant enhancements to achieve greater breakthrough, a simplified choice architecture and stronger branding.